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A Beginners Guide to Golf Betting

Golf is one of the world’s most popular and famous sports and as a spectator sport, it also draws in extremely large crowds to world-famous tournaments who want to catch a glimpse of their favourite players. There are a variety of different official tournaments and championships with exceedingly large prizes for the professionals or amateurs taking part and overall these tournaments make for excellent viewing. The entertainment can last several days or perhaps even weeks. 

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Golf is considered to be one of the most popular sports and pastimes and it would be peculiar if you haven’t watched a game of golf yourself, even in passing. Just like a lot of other professionally recognised sports, golf is also a popular betting outlet with tonnes of betting markets and selections provided by the top sports betting platforms.

As it does happen to be one of the most popular sports in the world, it is unsurprising to see why people might want to place a bet on a particular golf tournament. Placing a bet could make the experience of watching golf even more enjoyable than it already is and might bring you closer to the action as you attempt to make a profit from your wager.

Just like with any sport, it is best to place bets when you are informed by conducting your own research into the area. You could try using to help you in your efforts. Any sort of betting or gambling is a risk, and please remember to always gamble responsibly.

Where To Find Golf Betting Sites?
Almost all of the top and most reputable online sports betting companies are likely to offer their customers an opportunity to place a bet on a golfing tournament or championship. Finding an online provider that is to your liking can be relatively easy and straightforward and will mostly be down to your own preferences as to which online provider you would like to use. In some instances, however, online betting websites will differ on their odds, the markets on offer, and also some of the tournaments available to bet on.
Some websites even offer customers different ways of paying and different ways to play. It is best to do your own research and make comparisons between different online betting websites before committing to one, as this should allow you to compare odds and also see which website you like using the most.
The most important thing to bear in mind is to make sure that the online sports betting website you choose is also a secure, safe, and reliable website to use. It is worth remembering that you are possibly going to entrust these websites with your money and your personal details and it is best to stick to the most reputable and reliable sites that are currently available. Before making any deposits or signing up with your personal details, be sure to check that the provider is fully licensed that has been issued by a credible and official licensing authority.

What Are Some of the Most Popular Golf Competitions to Bet on?

The Masters
The Masters Tournament held in the United States is one of the most well-known golf tournaments and is usually attended by the world’s best golfers. Originally set up in the early 1930s, it has a world-famous reputation and features in several golf tours including the PGA Tour. In 2021, the total prize money available was $11.5 million, with over $2 million awarded to the winning player, who in 2021 was Hideki Matsuyama. Those competing for first place in the tournament will also compete for the prestigious Green Jacket.

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The Open
The Open Championship held in Great Britain is considered another major golfing tournament and also prides itself on being one of the oldest and most prestigious tournaments in the world. First established in 1860, The Open features in both the European Tour and the PGA Tour, and is generally played in the month of July. Similar to The Masters, The Open has a total prize purse of $11.5 million, with the winner taking home over $2 million. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 tournament was forcibly cancelled, which means the last winner of The Open was Shane Lowry of Ireland in 2019.

Ryder Cup
Established in the late 1920s, The Ryder Cup is famed for hosting a competition between two teams, the United States and Europe. Both teams should usually feature some of their country’s very best professional golfers, putting each other to the challenge as they compete for the overall prize and pride of winning the tournament for their team. The Ryder Cup is held every two years, making it a biennial tournament that consistently draws large amounts of attention. Usually held in September every two years, the last winner of The Ryder Cup was Europe. Much like The Open, The Ryder Cup was last played in 2018 and was meant to take place in September of 2020; however, The Ryder Cup will instead be taking place in September of 2021.

US Open
The US Open is a tournament held annually in the United States, and as of 2021 presents a Par 71 course and features several major tours including the PGA Tour. The US Open is played throughout several different courses. The 2021 champion of The US Open was Jon Rahm of Spain, winning by just one single stroke, and taking a prize-winning prize of over $2.2 million. Prior to that, in 2020 Bryson DeChambeau of the United States won The US Open.

Who Are Some of the Current World Top Players to Bet on?

Jon Rahm
Jon Rahm is considered the current world number one professional golfer by the Official World Golf Rankings. Born in Spain in 1994, Rahm also takes pride in becoming the first-ever Spanish golfer to win at The US Open in 2021, his first and only major championship win so far. Behind fellow Spaniard Seve Ballesteros, Rahm is only the second Spanish golfer to reach world number one status. Rahm currently holds a total of six PGA Tour wins and seven European Tour wins, taking his professional wins to an overall total of thirteen.

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Dustin Johnson
Dustin Johnson is perhaps one of the most popular and renowned professional golfers currently competing. Born in South Carolina in the USA in 1984, Johnson has won both The US Open in 2016 and The Masters in 2020, his two major championship wins. Johnson has also been the world number one quite a few times over his career and is the world number two at the moment. Johnson has been building his professional career since 2007, with twenty-four wins coming from the PGA Tour and nine wins from the European Tour. As one of the world’s top players, Johnson is certainly one to look out for in terms of betting selections, although his odds will be naturally shorter than many.

Justin Thomas
Another US-born professional golfer, Justin Thomas is another well-known name in the sport and is considered to be the world number three. Predominantly playing in the PGA Tour, Thomas holds one major championship win at the 2017 PGA Championship held in North Carolina. His highest ranking also came in 2018 when it held the world’s number one position for a brief stint. Justin Thomas is a popular professional golfer amongst some spectators.

Final Notes
Golf is perhaps one of the most popular sports to watch for a lot of people and introduces several different and exciting tournaments and championships that will inevitably draw in some of the biggest talents in the sport to compete with one another. There are a number of different tournaments to choose from in the sport, each one offering a variety of players the opportunity to compete for large prizes.
Due to such breadth and popularity in this sport, there are a lot of courses for spectators to watch and enjoy watching their favourite professional golfers play it out against each other. With the variety of tournaments and championships on offer, golf also gives different players great challenges, and you never know what you might see if you decide to tune in to one. Golf can offer spectators an exciting experience, with each competition and player introducing different styles and ways to play that can offer its watchers some choice as to who they want to focus on.