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Can the Presidents Cup afford for the Internationals to lose again?

Dec 11, 2019

It’s Presidents Cup week down under, but you wouldn't know it unless you are an avid follower of the event that can only be described as a let-down these days. Such is the lack of excitement and anticipation that the build-up to the event has, for the most part, passed the golfing world by. What makes it even more of a shame is that this is the same audience demographic that goes into meltdown every two years when the Ryder Cup swings around.

It’s no surprise that this is the case when you consider that the International team have only won one out of the 12 Presidents Cup that have been played. Their next best result was a tie in South Africa when the scores were locked up at 17 points each and darkness had descended over the mountains of Fancourt. Nothing could separate Ernie Els and Tiger Woods in the play-off, so it was suggested that they shake hands and share the spoils.

Pictured above - Royal Melbourne

You can’t help but get excited and wide-eyed when thinking back to the drama that unfolded on the escarpment of South Africa’s Eastern Cape. The hairs on your neck stand up when reflecting on the putts that Woods and Els had to sink in the dark to keep the competition alive. At the time, it was said that this would be the turning point for the Internationals and the shot to the arm that that competition needed, but the last seven editions of the event since have been won by the USA which included an embarrassing 19-11 win in 2017.

If only the drama in South Africa during 2003 had continued and made the Presidents Cup as marketable as the Ryder Cup. As it stands, sadly, given the number of beatings that the USA have administered to the Internationals, the tournament now finds itself on life support with the public and, in all likelihood, sponsors are ready to flip the switch should 2019 produce the same predictable result. 

Therefore the Internationals’ odds of 11/4 in to win the Presidents Cup shouldn’t fill anyone with a great deal of hope, but this is sport at the end of the day where anything is meant to be possible. To perhaps make the event a little more exciting, you could even take a punt yourself on the outcome. getting involved in betting on sport is much more easier nowadays, with betting platforms available in many shapes and forms. For example, many online casinos now even offer sports betting amongst their numerous online titles. At the end of the day, variety is the spice of life so at least you have options should the Internationals begin to tank again.

Of course, no one wants this team event to go under, and Royal Melbourne Golf Club (pictured above) to be the graveyard for the Presidents Cup, but it’s impossible to see how this event lives on should another let-down occur.

You can almost certainly expect an overhaul of the event should the USA win, with the organizers looking for ways to make this an interesting contest again. How they do that is anyone’s guess because you can hardly ask the Europeans to ride in and save the day. The only realistic way forward is for the Internationals to say enough is enough and stick it to the USA once and for all.