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Casinos and Golf Courses in Australia and New Zealand

Sep 28, 2017

In America today, many of the country’s best golf courses have been built on the back of casino revenue. The phenomena began at the “home” of casinos - Las Vegas. In Vegas, there are a number of great courses, all built on previously flat desert lands. The most famous of these is Shadow Creek, where you have to stay at an MGM venue on the Las Vegas Strip to get a game (and that game comes at a hefty rate!)

Once Las Vegas paved the way in the States, courses began popping up everywhere thanks to the gambling dollar, and now Scottsdale, Palm Springs and San Diego are destinations with new courses all thanks to slots and gaming tables.

In Australia, the very first example of golf course construction thanks to a casino, was the Lloyd Williams owned Capital Golf Course built in Moorabbin, Victoria. This lavish layout could only be played by high roller guests of the Melbourne’s Crown casino and it remains for this purpose to this day. Immaculately groomed there are tales of it servicing as few as 8-10 guests daily. Resident kangaroos and emu purportedly roam the grounds to delight the (mostly) Asian guests that get to play there. Some recent reports say there’s a pending sale or merger/relocation with an established sand belt club. To our knowledge it still operates as a Crown casino high roller only facility.

There aren’t many other examples around Australia of casinos and courses linked. Launceston Country Club Tasmania in Launceston springs to mind, with lush grounds surrounding a small and modest casino. The compound has a large hotel and entertainment complex and the course is open to the public. It’s a nice course and well groomed, and fun to play.

Alice Springs has a terrific desert golf course and is bounded by Lasseter’s Hotel casino, however the two businesses operate as separate entities.

In New Zealand there are three casinos, however none have or operate a golf course on their grounds.

However, if it’s gambling you are after there are plenty of online casinos in New Zealand – you can find a list here.

Of course under the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001 (IGA), Australian firms cannot offer real money casino or poker games to Australian citizens. Most forms of online sports betting are allowed, however. In addition, the IGA does not make it illegal for Australians to gamble online with foreign operators, so Australians are free to play casino games or poker at hundreds of sites hosted in other parts of the world.

And if you do decide to partake at an online casino or other, gamble responsibly!