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Golf Friendly Cruises

Mar 1, 2017

Imagine if you could travel all over the world, play golf, and only have to unpack once. While Golf and Cruises may not automatically go together in your head, stay with it for a moment. The team at My Cruises are here to tell you that it’s not just a pipedream!

You’ve probably heard it before—cruise ships have something for everyone, but did you know that golf enthusiasts are included in that “everyone”? Forget the mini-golf courses (though they have them too), most larger cruise liners also feature putting greens and netted driving ranges. The team at My Cruises have done some research into the best golf-friendly cruises out there. What they’ve found might surprise you!

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PGA ties
Due to its ideal itineraries that sail past a range of great golf courses around the world, Norwegian Cruise Lines has strong ties with the PGA and Champions Tour. The company’s ships are, therefore, well equipped for golf enthusiasts.
The Norwegian Jewel has two driving nets on board and, around Tour times, is known to have pros on board hosting clinics and group lessons. Pros also assist passengers in arranging onshore golf excursions. For example, when the Jewel docks at Cabo San Lucas, passengers are able to head out to some of Los Cabos’ world class courses and spend the day on the green!

Days onshore
The Pride of America (another Norwegian Cruise Line ship) is another great ship for golfers. Its on-board driving net is fully enclosed, meaning that there’s no such things as a lost ball or a bad drive and, on the ship’s cruise through the Hawaiian Islands, it docks for two days in Maui. Maui is home to 14 courses, several of which are ranked at, or near, the world’s best.
Stop in Kahului and make use of The Dunes at Maui Lani. This course is built on naturally occurring dune terrain and is set against the astounding backdrop of Haleakala Mountain. Minimal earth moving was required to build it and the PGA Tour’s Hyundai Tournament of Champions is held there each year. It’s definitely a one-of-a-kind course and you’ll have the chance to spot a pro while you’re there!

Take your pick
Other cruise companies travel to, or near, world glass golf courses around the world as well. Board a Carnival Cruise Lines for a golf excursion in the Caribbean, the Mexican Riviera, or New Caledonia. While the Carnival Legend only docks for a day in Noumea, New Caledonia, if you’re quick you’ll have time to fit in a few holes at the Golf De Tina or the Garden Golf De Dumbéa. These international courses offer spectacular views and some of the longest and most complicated par-5 holes in the Pacific!

If you want to combine your love of golf with an unbeatable holiday experience, consider a cruise. Have a look at all the courses you want to visit around the world and then contact My Cruises to find the most suitable itinerary to get you there! If you’re lucky, you may get may even get more out of it than a game—equipment fittings and duty free shipping home awaits!