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Golf-related gift ideas for Christmas

Nov 1, 2019

When you are looking for a Christmas gift for the golfer in your life, a present that helps them improve their game or that supports and encourages the sport they are passionate about is one that is going to be appreciated. Australia has great golfing weather around the Christmas holidays, so your gift could be perfectly timed for the greens.


Most golfers love trying out new equipment, which means a golf gift is always appreciated and almost certainly will be used, no matter the outdoor conditions.

Golf bag
Modern golf bags have more space for clubs, balls, gloves, rain gear, umbrella, tape, coins, food, drinks, valuables, and more and are made from lighter materials, which makes them easier to use. If your loved one’s bag is wearing out, a gift of an upgrade of a carry bag or a car bag like the professionals use on the PGA tour. Different models and types are available, with online reviews to help you find the best match.

Golf balls
Not all golf balls are the same. Pros put hours into selecting the right ball for their games. For golfers with a higher handicap, a harder ball with an ionomer cover that reduces sidespin and promotes a straighter flight is the better choice, while a softer ball with multiple layers and a urethane cover is better for those with lower handicaps, offering better control of their shots.
A playable, high-quality golf ball together with tee which has been dipped in pure 24K gold is perfect for your own “Goldenballs” partner. This is an anniversary gift for him that will be admired both on the greens or mounted at home. Alternatively, gift a few different brands and models so that your golfer can weigh up what works best for them.

Golf gloves
A golf club does not just stop blisters and calluses, they also ensure the golf club gives a firm grip and pure swing, without a wiggle. Choose gloves with perforations on the palm and fingers so they can breathe and reduce moisture. Choose an adjustable closure for a secure fit that can also be used in other sports.

Clubs, drivers, irons
For those who have reduced their handicap, this could be the best time to surprise them with an upgrade to clubs, drivers or irons. You may already have an idea what they want because of overhearing conversations with their golf buddies, who you can ask if unsure. Whether you choose innovative Cobra irons, clubs from the hugely popular Wilson, or quality from TaylorMade Golf or Callaway, you will be able to find something that suits.

Gifts for the "19th hole"
For those who spend more time at the 19th hole or more in the woods than the fairway a gift for a beginner at golf or a player who wants to improve, there are many books written by professionals that will have them perform a proper swing with every shot.

Golfing at home
A chipping net that can be used at home will save them travelling to the driving range for practising short game swings around the green. These can be folded for easy storage when not in use.  
An indoor putting green so that your gift recipient can work on their putting stroke anywhere, any time. Choose one with an automatic ball return to save time. For beginners, you can find putting greens with markings that help the golfer keep the putter head in the correct alignment.

A long-sleeve polo shirt
If you want to support their love of the game, but are unsure about equipment, a great gift for your favourite golfer would be a long-sleeve polo shirt. Whilst most golf shirts are in a short-sleeve style, a long-sleeve version offers a bit more cover in cooler weather or when they want extra sun protection.

A high-quality rangefinder
A laser rangefinder will measure distanced up to 1,000 yards and can also take the angle of incline or descent to the green when giving measurements, creating a huge advantage in the game whilst learning. For even more help, some rangefinders can also lock into the target, giving a signal when this has been achieved.