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Tiger’s Sorry Demise

Jun 1, 2017

Once the pin up boy of golf, winner of 14 majors and hunting down Jack’s tally of 18. Beautiful wife and family, loads of prize money, more sponsors than you could desire, the most recognisable sportsman in the World – Tiger had everything!
Then there was the infidelity, his game suffered and then his body began to breakdown. Sponsorships were lost while he battled to rebuild his family life and his back got so bad he was forced to hit the surgery table.
A few years have passed. There’s been a divorce, an amicable relationship with his former wife with access to his kids and four back operations. Latest reports claimed the fourth operation was a fantastic success – could Tiger return to the fairways and be a force again?
And now this. An early morning arrest, found asleep in his car on a six lane highway, engine running, arrested by police, thrown in a county jail and released 8 hours later.
Read the full article here (article from ABC website, photo from AP: Palm Beach County Sherriff’s Office)