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TRUE Linkswear - Breakthru Performance Golf Shoes

"The lightest, and most comfortable, golf shoe in golf!"

Introducing TRUE Linkswear - the revolutionary new golf shoes worn and endorsed by PGA Tour star Ryan Moore.

TRUE linkswear Golf Shoes are designed to provide the golfer with a level of comfort that they have never felt before.

The technology that went into the TRUE tour Golf Shoe is as innovative as it is logical. Get closer to the ground with a really thin sole and you begin to feel the course in ways that you can only imagine.

For any golfer who has dreamed of walking fairways barefoot, this is your chance. TRUE linkswear shoes are the closest that you can get to playing in your bare feet, while also getting the benefit of traction and waterproofing.

According to Ryan Moore and our product testers – the TRUE tour is the lightest, most comfortable and best feeling golf shoe they have ever worn.

The upper is so comfortable that your feet may mistake it for a slipper.


TRUE linkswear is very proud to have the most authentic and honest professional golfer in the world wearing our product on Tour.

A meeting between a couple of golf crazy entrepreneurs and Ryan Moore at a Starbucks in Scottsdale, AZ changed the course of TRUE linkswear forever. Ryan was so excited about the idea for the TRUE tour that he wanted to invest in the company and help us change how millions of golfers will play the game.

“I’m wearing TRUE linkswear golf shoes because they’re the lightest, most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. I’m a feel player and every part of the way I experience the game of golf, from the teebox through the green depends on having a solid connection with the ground. These shoes provide that connection in a way I’ve never felt before. I was so excited to learn about this golf shoe concept, and when I finally got to wear the shoes for the first time, I knew I wanted to wear them on Tour.” Ryan Moore

Thanks to Ryan’s help we have been able to perfect the “Ergo-Traction” outsole so that it will perform on Tour regardless of weather or conditions.

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