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3D Putter - Finally a Putter that works!

Over 3 years of research and development has gone into creating what we believe to be the ‘World’s Ultimate Putter’. Tested by over 100 pros in the USA, UK and Australia this new putter has even exceeded our expectations.
Our 3D Putter will show you every alignment mistake before you make it and then let you see and feel yourself in correcting it.
When you position yourself to the patented 3D Alignment (pat pend 2006907128) you are perfectly set up square to the target every time.
 Don’t bring the putter to you,
‘Go to the putter’

After a while, your correct hands-eye-head position comes naturally. You’ll also notice that the 3D Putter feels great off the face with the new super sensitive ‘Zypol’ face insert which promotes a Top Roll and gives consistency.  You will feel your confidence growing with every putt.
Now you can enjoy putting again.

Testimonial - by ausgolf's Selwyn Berg

The 3D putter is designed to show you when your head is directly over the ball, and allow you to make a perfect stroke along the chosen line.

How does it do this?

Very cleverly. The obvious feature of this unique putter is its clear acrylic top marked with a red line. You are perfectly set up when this red line lies midway between two black lines inside the putter. Less obvious, but equally important is the flat bottom of the putter, which must be flush with the putting surface before you move your head into position – “Don’t bring the putter to you…go to the putter”. Thirdly, the putter is face balanced with a double bend shaft. In the correctly aligned position, the putter will make a perfect pendulum swing along the chosen line. The 3D also has a “Zypol” face insert to promote “top roll”.

How did it perform?

I tested the 3D after my colleague Garry Kennedy beat me up on our visit to Settlers Run by taking 26 putts with his 3D – this on greens we had never played before.

I always considered myself a relatively poor putter for my handicap of 12 – it was not uncommon for me to have three 3-putt greens in a round when I scored 36 points. Although I had dabbled with mallet style putters before, I generally preferred a blade putter like the Ping Anser.

My first round at my home club with the 3D, after about 20 minutes on the practice green did not produce anything out of the ordinary, but my putting was no worse than usual, so I gave it a second go.

Round two was a considerable improvement – I definitely holed more putts than usual, with no 3-putts. I  left a few putts just short, but on line – still adjusting to the ‘pace’ off the putter face.

Round three was amazing. I was away with a regular group of 24 golfers at Barwon Heads, playing at Thirteenth Beach. I one-putted every hole from 3 to 9 and canned a few more long putts on the back nine. I can honestly say that I have never had a round with such excellent putting.

I easily won our group competition over three rounds at Barwon Heads with scores of 43, 39 and 38 Stableford points. Whilst I undoubtedly struck the ball well, my putting certainly made the difference, and the number of very long putts (including from the fringe) that finished extremely close to the hole took a lot of pressure off me. I had clearly become familiar with the speed off the face insert.

After a few holes each day I found that I did not need to continually check my head position – a quick glance at the red line assured me that I was correctly aligned.

The 3D putter is definitely a fixture in my bag for the foreseeable future.