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The Opening Tee Shot - Editor's Foreword

Welcome to another incarnation of Hacker Magazine. Publishing hasn’t changed as much in the past two decades than it has in the last few years. The digital age is well and truly here (I doubted its potential for a long time) and I’m finding we all have to move with the times or move out.
The reality is news is everywhere, so as an industry we have to change the way we deliver our messages as cost effectively as possible. We’ve watched print publications dry up so for our last issue we went totally digital.
It was a great success – we had over 27,000 reads – however there’s still a substantial cost in development and delivery of the publication.  And we’ve found things have evolved again and so has the delivery of Hacker Magazine.
The stats were surprising – people everywhere reading on phones and tablets, so the production on a page turning magazine didn’t seem practical.
So here we are. Hacker presented more as a newsletter, housed on a leading golf website. Luckily it comes with many benefits.
Firstly the magazine can survive in an increasing changing world. Cost effective delivery gives us the freedom to try a number of initiatives. We have room to grow and explore without major constraints. Most importantly it’s going to allow us to bring you “Hacker Magazine” more frequently.
Nothing much will change for you, the reader. They’ll be less in-your-face advertising – the cost of a high production delivery. 
The pages will be mobile compliant (as is the website) so it will be easy to read an article, pop back to the contents and choose what you want to read next.
So support our supporters, provide feedback of what you’d like to read and please keep on enjoying the average golfer’s Champion. That’s us – Hacker Magazine!
In other news, Coronavirus is here and its having a huge impact. While it’s no joke, when you learn you can buy a case of Corona beer in the US at half price because they can’t sell the stuff, it reminds you how lucky we are to live in Australia!
So where does golf stand?
Well I have re-written this section of my opening four times in less than two weeks. Everything keeps changing so quickly! As of Friday 27th March, Victoria is the first state to completely close golf courses - no play allowed until April this stage. As of March 30, Golf Australia has advised all golf courses to shut. To read the lastest from golf's govering body - Golf Australia -  CLICK HERE

I hope the lush green fairways of your favourite course stays close to your heart and when things settle down we are again gracing the fairways chasing that beloved little white pill left and right, up and down. You don't know what you're missing until its gone - ain't that the truth!

All the best, Ed.