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Top 3 Golfers of all Time

There are many hobbies to choose from. Some prefer playing games at web casinos like — an Australian gambling platform that allows players to select any game, from classic slot machines to different versions of table games. Others are into sports like football, tennis, and golf.In this article, we’d like to tell you about the greatest sportsmen — golfers, of all time. We will share the biographies and success stories of people who persevered toward their goals and ultimately succeeded in achieving them.

Gary Player


Gary Player is golf's first international ambassador. Before the diminutive South African packed his family and started his five-decade-long international journey, golf was dominated by American and British players. Then came Player and his career began in the mid-1950s.
It has included victories in over 150 tournaments, nine major championships and an extraordinary commitment to fitness. He is one of five players who have all four modern majors. He also has the distinction of being one of four players (Jack Nicklaus Tiger Woods, Nick Faldo, and Nick Faldo) to have won the Masters twice each and it was at Augusta that was the scene of his greatest win.
Player hadn't won a major title in four years. It was 1978. He was seven shots behind the leader heading into the final round at the Masters. His career looked to be in decline and suddenly, Gary Player at 42 years old, started to shine. He played well ahead of the leading groups and blasted Augusta National with a final round 64.
He then waited for the leaders to falter down the stretch and finally earned his third green jacket. His 64 is the best final-round Masters performance ever, and it was only Nicklaus' sixth Masters title that matched him in drama eight years later.

Jack Nicklaus


Nicklaus was able to bring out the best in his opponents - Palmer, Watson, and Trevino. He made golf more enjoyable through his physical strength and mental toughness. The list of achievements is endless. 18 major championships — that's more than Hogan or Palmer combined. There are a staggering 37 top two finishes in majors.
We shouldn't think that the Tour of the 21st century is better than the Tour of Jack's prime. But consider this: Nicklaus fought many of the best players at their peak and beat all of them. He coaxed their best from them even though he couldn't beat them.
To prove his point, Nicklaus, 46, was able to summon enough old-time magic to defeat names like Greg Norman, Ballesteros and Kite to win the 1986 Masters. It was one of the most memorable sports moments ever.
Now the Golden Bear, in his golden years of life, has continued to influence the game through his innovative golf course design company.

Tiger Woods


Woods started a path that would lead him to the top of this list in April 1997. The famous player dominated the most historic and traditional tournament in golf. He changed the course of the game forever.
Woods' Masters-record 18 under par score in his first Masters as a professional is a memory we all recall. We all remember the incredible 12-shot margin of victory. Runner-up Tom Kite's total of 282 would have been enough to win the 17 Masters before him, but it was 12 shots behind Tiger. We all remember how his massive drives transformed the par-5s into pitch and putts. Many people forget about Tiger's disastrous start to the 1997 Masters. Woods finished the front nine in 40, which left him at 4-over par. This, it seems, was when the stars aligned and the golf gods smiled. Woods made a run for Augusta National over the next 63 holes like a tornado, playing with the course and demoralizing some of the best players in the world.
Tiger's win was great for television ratings too and made golf a widely popular sport. The Sunday ratings in 1996, just before Woods became a pro, were 9.2. The number rose to 14.1 in 1997 after Woods won.
As they say, the rest is history: 15 major championships and 82 PGA Tour victories and the lowest career scoring average of PGA Tour history. 10 Player of Year awards. The impact and level of accomplishment are undisputed and unmatched.
And Jack's 18-year-old record is back in play now that he has won the long-awaited major #15. Don't ever count him out.