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The future of golf betting: In-play wagering and real-time odds

Golf is a million dollar sport but happens to be one of the least bet on sports at the same time. Fortunately, experts have predicted that that narrative is set to change in the future, and to revolutionize the landscape will be none other than in-play betting. This article explores the current state of golf betting, its limitations, and how live golf betting is set to change the game.

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Limitations of traditional golf bets

Traditional golf betting involves placing bets before the tournament starts or at fixed points before each round. The standard bets most sportsbooks offer include predicting the outright winner, top finishes (e.g., top 5 or top 10), head-to-head matchups, and specific prop bets like hole-in-ones or leading at the end of each round.
Over the course of a full PGA Tour schedule, these bets become stale and stagnant. Bettors usually have to wait until the end of the round or tournament to see the results of their wagers, so there’s limited flexibility.
Pre-tournament odds often do not reflect the dynamic nature of the game, leaving bettors with fewer opportunities to capitalize on their insights as the tournament progresses. Unforeseen circumstances, like sudden changes in weather or unexpected player performance can affect the outcome, but at that point, bettors are no more than sitting ducks.

How in-play betting will change the landscape

In-play betting addresses many of the limitations of traditional golf betting by allowing bettors to place wagers in real-time as the action unfolds. You can bet on what you think Justin Thomas will make on the hole, whether he’ll hit the green in regulation. Or maybe there’s a threesome coming through, and odds are available for who will have the low score on the hole. The options quickly multiply with live betting, making the experience more engaging and potentially more profitable.
The good news is that top Aussie bookies are well ahead of this trend and are already leveraging technology to offer up-to-the-minute odds and insights on golf events. Many of these sites will also offer a promo code valid in Australia for claiming bonus bets and other deals.
In addition, thanks to advanced analytics and live data feeds, punters get real-time information necessary to make informed decisions quickly and accurately. For example, if a top player starts showing signs of fatigue, punters can place a bet on an underdog gaining the upper hand, potentially yielding higher returns. Bettors are no longer sitting ducks.

The slow pacing of golf is one of its unique traits. With traditional bets, golf betting lacks excitement and can get tiresome. With in-play betting, there’s massive potential to become interesting and much more valuable odds to take advantage of. Sports like football and basketball have long taken off with live betting, and golf’s evolution may not be coming as quickly, but this just means that there are fantastic products to look forward to in the coming editions of the PGA Tour of Australasia and other international tournaments.