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World's Best Golf Courses

In this section we publish a selection and comparison of World Golf Course Ranking lists and show how the Aussie courses fare.

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We've followed the list published every two years by US Golf Magazine since 2005. As the table for the last four lists shows, there's been little change in their rankings over the years. For earlier lists with our comments click here.

The more recent publication of a Top 100 by rival Magazine US Golf Digest, however highlights just how contentious ranking lists can be.

Former ausgolf partner Darius Oliver spent close to ten years visiting courses across the globe, studying more than 1,500 layouts in 45 countries, before publishing the Planet Golf World 100 which we regard as the most independent (save for his co-design of Cape Wickham) and informed ranking. His many years studying Australia's golf courses and co-ordinating ranking lists for these courses also lend weight to their place in the world.

Lists from these three resources are compared within this section.


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