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5 Best Destinations for a Golf Vacation in the World

Golf is one of the most fun sports to play. The number of courses that it offers worldwide to keep you from getting bored is innumerable, and most of all, anyone can enjoy the sport without much hassle. 
Golf brings out true gaming addiction. Once you dive in, it is hard to pull yourself out. If you are a golf enthusiast, the world awaits your arrival and this article is exactly for you. Golf’s popularity has surged since early 2020 and has led to even more expansive options for golf courses around the globe. 
As a golf lover, this is good news, but what courses will you choose while traveling the world? We have created a rundown of the most eye-catching golf destinations around the world. 


If you are a golf enthusiast or an interested newbie, Ireland is right out of your dreams. The nation is hospitable to visitors and offers awe-inspiring landscapes but Ireland also boasts a few of the best golf courses around the globe. 
However, only naming it won’t make the cut. Make sure to pack your golf gear and book for the luxury Ireland tour to enjoy the thrill you have always been chasing. A Golf-cation in Ireland will surely be a memory to cherish forever. 


Besides the beautiful mountainous terrains, there is so much more to discover in Scotland and golf is paramount. Scotland holds the identity of Home for Golf since it is the place where it was invented. So it’s no surprise that hundreds of world-class golf resorts and courses are sprinkled throughout the country for you to enjoy. 
To put it simply, Scotland is a golfer’s paradise, a place to discover its rich history and tradition. Scotland should be high on your bucket list if you want the ultimate experience golf has to offer.
However, be diligent and study the weather forecast. Scotland’s weather can be quite unpredictable, ruining your plans, but even on bad days, you can enjoy the stunning scenery exclusive to Scotland.


Besides the hype of casino tourism or launching the best betting apps, Australia also makes the mark for having some of the best golf courses in the world. The weather conditions, jaw-dropping landscapes and testing layouts welcome global guests with open arms. So now it all makes sense as to why so many golf lovers are booking tours to Australia Besides golf, you can spice your time up by hitting the beaches of Sydney or confronting the incredible outback. All in all, the opportunity to soak in nature and its beauty is simply unmatched. 


If you’re searching for a golf vacation, Florida offers more golf than any other destination. Almost anywhere in Florida you will find a golf course that will fill your heart with joy. The weather is always bright as the sun shines throughout the year. The grass is as green as it gets and the luxurious fairways will take your breath away.
Florida offers something for every golf. On top of the wide variety of public courses, there’s luxurious resorts that also await your arrival.


Finally, there’s the North American volcanic Island of Hawaii. It is quite obvious to everyone why this place is among the hottest travel destinations for tourists. But did you know many golf lovers also head to this beautiful place to quench their Golf thirst? 
While Hawaii is filled to the brim with the natural beauty of both sea and mountains, it also offers perfect warm weather - the cherry on the top for uninterrupted golfing on a boundless selection of courses. Just a few of the best golf courses in Hawaii that will brighten your day include Nanea, Makai and Hualalai. 

The Bottom Line

Life is a constant play of ups and downs, and you must enjoy it to the fullest. So don’t hold back and book a flight to the destination you have always dreamed about. As a golf enthusiast, traveling to the countries listed above will create memories to last forever.