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The world's craziest mini golf courses

The game of adventure golf has gone worldwide, seamlessly mixing the competitive ethos of its parent game with the sheer enjoyment of novelty obstacles, wobbly surfaces, an erupting volcano and monster mini golf challenges. To celebrate these bizarre sport wonders, we've gathered together some of the best wildly eccentric mini golf experiences the globe has to offer.

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Bubbeljungle Golf in the Dark – Leiderdorp, Netherlands

What are your feelings about darkness and light? How do you find freaky monsters that you can't control? On its mini golf course, Bubbeljungle packs many tricks, but somehow the idea seems to work. As participants enter, a mission comes up: rescue the famous, kidnapped Diva Laguna in a mini-golf game. Each hole has clues hidden and revealed once the putts have finished, so you can slowly investigate Diva's disappearance, while a grumpy walrus in a three-piece suit looks on.

Ahlgrim Funeral Services course – Illinois USA

Putting an indoor mini golf field beneath a funeral home could seem bizarre, but its story is much less. Ahlgrim Funeral Services moved its operations to Palatine, Illinois in 1964 and found that the roomy basement allowed the director to pursue his genuine interest of mini golf. The mini golf course offers nine holes based around an old haunted house and apparently provides comfort to Ahlgrim customers and has delighted members of the public for decades.

CaddyShack City – Christchurch, New Zealand

New Zealand's favourite miniature golf destination, along with Top Online Casinos NZ 2022, are two of New Zealand’s favourite entertainment destinations.
Christchurch CaddyShack City now welcomes many punters into its inventive circle. Each of this 18 holes has a distinctive theme and features an impressively detailed and impressive satellite that rewards hole-in-ones by firing a moving, smoking missile.

Can Wonderland - Minnesota, United States

Can Wonderland is an individual experience that includes an 18-hole course designed by numerous people, including local artists, architects and electrical engineers. Many unique features will be remembered forever because the course is entirely different from a typical miniature golf course. Every hole has a theme that features a popular pop cultural reference, such as the film Hot Tub Time Machine or Oasis songs, such as Wonderwall. One hole features wicked-looking tornadoes.

Dino Park Mini Golf – Phuket, Thailand

It has been described as a prehistoric putting marvel and transports the avid golfer back to a place before time. Dinor Park is located close to the Thailand Marina Phuket Resort. It is a fully interactive and multisensory golf experience with enormous dinosaurs (some moving and roaring in random directions). The 18-hole golf course has an underlying sense of primeval danger.

Lexington Ice Center course – Kentucky, USA

Visitors to the Lexington Ice Center in the horse-riding city of Lexington, Kentucky, will get a mini-golf game that is biblical in proportion. The public leisure facility houses three 18-hole courses based on scenes from Biblical stories. The courses include the Old Testament and the Miracle. The pious player may anticipate navigating icons of a religious kind like the Tree of Knowledge or Jonah the Whale. There will always be a place in heaven reserved for players who finish below par.

Championship Adventure Golf – Merseyside, UK

Championship Adventure Golf in Merseyside is taking mini-golf seriously. Two 18-hole courses are offered. The Landmark Course is filled with holes inspired by the sights of nearby villages. At the same time, The Championship Course gives golf fans the chance to live their dream of the miniature type - all 18 holes are replicas of famous courses around the globe. Hence, this may be your only chance at scoring an unprecedented hole-in-one on the 17th at St Andrew's.