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Top 5 Careers in Golf you may not have thought about

Golf can be seen as an elite sport and many consider a career in golf exclusive to the well-to-do. It may come as a surprise to some, but according to IBIS World, golf as a sport employs over 304,000 people. The statistics show in 2021 there’s an employment growth rate at golf courses at 1.2%. 

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Most people may think a career in golf is being a player or a caddie, but there are many other occupations that can have an individual involved in the industry.
So the next time you are playing games or using the Club WI-FI to search for unique TrueBlue online casino codes, why not do some research on the other, less known positions available within the golf industry and maybe one will interest you as a career pursuit.
These include:

  • Golf Tour Operators
  • Golf Club Manager 
  • Golf Course Architect 
  • Golf Course Superintendent 
  • Golf External Manager 

Golf Tour Operators
Golf tour operators help run golf events, providing smooth functionality for all involved.
It is a career where the worker delves into all the tour's details and processes, ensuring the seamless operation for everyone involved. This could include coordination of early morning staff activities like; cleaning up, setting the stands, checking the weather and providing information of the day’s play to participants.
A Tour Operator career will have you on-site for the entire event. One challenge is continuous travel, spending a week in one town and a week in another.
Once the event is complete and the winner announced, tour operators become redundant unless you there’s another event requiring your services, so many full time professional operators work on professional tours like the PGA Tour of Europe, one of the largest golf in the world, ensuring year round employment.

Golf Club Manager 
When you visit a golf course, all you see is the nice restaurant upfront, the caddies awaiting instructions and golf club members relaxing in the lounge. So when it comes to potential employment opportunities within a Club, what may spring to mind is becoming a waiter, a caddie, or a supervisor/ receptionist. In many instances, one may not think of the bigger picture - this prestigious place needs a golf club manager! It’s an important position that helps oversee all golf club operations and every department!
A club manager is responsible for several areas in a golf club, including human resources, club operations including finances, staffing, food and beverage and overall management functionalities. It might seem complex, but it is one of the most lucrative career opportunities and its benefits can be more appealing than many other managerial positions!

Golf Course Architect 
An architect is one of the most prestigious college degrees any individual can pursue, however few consider becoming a golf course architect and building this into a career.
Even though it does skip the mind, it is impossible not to notice the design of good golf courses.
The job involves lots of travelling, to review other golf courses as a learning process and for inspiration!
Many of the best known golf course architects were professional golf players. For example, golf architect Pete Dye was born into a professional golf family and many of his family members were golf course designers and are rumoured to have designed more than 100 golf courses in the United States.
Arnold Palmer is another famous designer, a winner of 62 PGA tour titles and a partner in designing over 300 golf courses worldwide and across 37 states in the USA. 

Golf Course Superintendent 
Have you ever thought of how the grass is so green on a course and what makes it appear like a smooth, flawless and firm blanket over the earth?
All we want to do is play golf, better our handicap and enjoy great conditions. However, we need the golf course superintendent to keep everything maintained, the bunkers conditioned and the whole place in top condition. Cutting the grass at the right height, watering and fertilising it to ensure it is green year round regardless of the season or the weather. It is a complex job and a career worth considering if you love the outdoors!
Of course it should be noted that course Superintendents have to be on site as early as 4 in the morning. The Course Superintendent must manage a team of ground staff, keeping them motivated and engaged! It is a great career opportunity for the right person and a chance to earn a decent salary as well!

Golf External Manager 
Golf courses are not simply golf courses. Many clubs have several other branches that form a part of the overall Club! These external businesses may include resorts and accommodation, restaurants, casinos, tennis courts, function and event rooms or halls, just to name a few.
Each of these may requires a manager or professional operator to run them. Becoming an external golf manager helps control that branch and in turn helps keep the entire golf complex running smoothly.

The golf industry is a diverse employer that requires a range of devoted employees and supporters. In this article we have named just a few opportunities within the industry, all essential in the overall operation of a successful golf club. Maybe you have the skills necessary to enter the industry and become the next club manager, tour operator, external manager, or superintendent. Or why not a Golf Course Architect?