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Golf Themed Games

By Gareth McGray

There's a story from ye days of old concerning King James II and golf. In this tale, it is said that the ruler actually outlawed the game because he felt that it distracted his subjects from the pursuit of archery. Can you believe that? Thankfully, in these modern times, we no longer have to worry about things like that and golf is free to flourish as it sees fit.

If you are one of the millions of golf fans from around the world, you know all too well how tantalizing this game it. But, it's not always possible to get to the local golf course to play a round or two. So, what do you do? First thing, you must remember to do is breathe - everything will be alright. The fact is, you can access a ton of golf themed games online on sites like All Slots online casino.

All Slots is a reputable online casino with over 500 real money games for gaming fans to choose from. The list is quite extensive and includes golf themed games, roulette, blackjack, poker, sic bo, scratch cards, casino war, over 200 online slots games, video poker, keno, craps, multiplayer slot tournaments and much more.

To entice new players to try out their site they offer a welcome package that contains bonuses worth up to 1,600 pounds their first week in the casino. And so their existing players won't feel left out, they offer a variety of free credits, cashback vouchers, seasonal promotions, free spins, loyalty points, and much more. In fact, it's possible for existing players to get up to 5,000 bonus credits every year.

But, perhaps the best bonus of all is that you won't need golf balls, clothes, golf carts, golf courses, or anything like to enjoy your favorite game anymore. And if you play on a site like, you can even win some extra cash while on the train headed home or in your living room lounging.

Other golf themed games to wet your whistle include:

Easter Golf

The funny graphics will make you laugh as you play your way through 18 holes of this wonderfully ridiculous and Easter Theme miniature golf game. Plus, you can earn additional bonuses by picking up the eggs and avoiding the hazards as you golf your way through this cute little game.

AG Mini Golf

Do you believe that there's a golf game on the market that can blow your mind? If your answer is no, you've clearly never heard of AG Mini Golf. This fun, but challenging, mini golf course will light your senses afire. Your goal is to get the ball into as many of the corresponding holes as possible while simultaneously avoiding the various obstacles in your way. If you follow these simple rules, you soon become a whiz at this game.

Mini Putt 3 Classic

This well-done classic miniature golf game is quite charming features simple effects and cute Graphics. It also features many interesting layouts that will put your golf gaming skills to the test. As an added bonus, the multiplayer mode allows you to play with as many as four players.

Forest Challenge

If you consider yourself to be a great miniature golfer, then you should give this game a try. It'll give you a run for your money.

24/7 Miniature Golf

One of the best things about this game is its great looking Graphics. Still, they don't hold a candle to the actual gameplay. In other words, if you are looking for a great time waster, this game fits the bill perfectly.

What Do you think about the golf themed games listed above? Have you ever played any of them?