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The Ryder Cup Final and The Rising Costs Of Spectatorship

It is a dream come true for the average sports fan to experience their favorite sports events live. With tickets being available online, it has become quite easy for fans to access tickets to sports events from the comfort of their home. But it cannot be denied that the task is still equally stressful. Additionally, the increasing prices of tickets to sports events are becoming an issue for sports fans.
ExpressVPN’s research shows that the prices of tickets to popular sports events are getting increasingly expensive, with some tickets being sold at a 2000% increase. Due to this, it is becoming difficult for sports fans to attend these events live. Additionally, the practice of ticket scalping is adding to the increased ticket prices, as the resale value of tickets to sports events is exponentially higher than the original prices.

The Ryder Cup And Ticket Price Hikes

The Ryder Cup is one of the most sought golf competitions and happens between prestigious golf teams from Europe and America. The Cup happens every two years and is very popular among golf fans. So it is unsurprising that the prices for watching the game events live must be quite high.
However, due to ticket scalping, the increase in the resale value of the Ryder Cup finals is as high as 301% of the original prices. If we consider the price difference for the year 2023, the resale value of Ryder Cup final tickets is around 990 euros. However, the original ticket prices were comparatively cheaper at 250 euros. This incline in ticket resale value is why ticket scalping practices can be damaging for sports fans.

Ways To Buy Event Tickets Safely On The Internet

If you are a fan of the Ryder Cup and wish to get tickets for the final match, then you will have to follow some precautionary measures to avoid paying such huge amounts of money. These methods are helpful for anyone who plans to get tickets to their favorite sports events.
First and foremost, fans must subscribe to the ticket notifications to have accurate timings on when the tickets will go live on the official website. Additionally, make sure to have the website open on a couple of devices and keep all financial information prepared to avoid any delays.
Once the tickets go live, make sure to book your tickets as soon as possible so that you can avoid any server crashes. If you are unable to avoid the server crashes and cannot book the tickets, then you will need to look for resale websites. However, you must do that as soon as possible so that you are not affected by the price hikes as much. As more time passes, ticket prices will increase the resale value.


It is common for fans of certain sports events to attend certain matches live. However, it cannot be denied that it is becoming increasingly difficult for sports fans to get access to these tickets. Not only are the prices of sports events quite high, but the practice of ticket scalping makes it almost impossible for sports fans to buy tickets at a reasonable price.
Due to these practices, fans have to pay huge amounts of money, which can be problematic. Additionally, buying tickets from untrusted sources can also result in scams or data breaches. So fans must know some precautionary measures that they can take to avoid getting scammed. These practices will also help fans to avoid data breaches while buying tickets online.