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Popular Golfers Who Like To Play Blackjack

Few people know that professional golf and gambling are closely related. You may be wondering, how can this be? Statistics show that golfers are more likely (than other sportsmen) to relax during their leisure time by gambling.
Some gamble to make money, some do it for fun, and for some, it's additive. Often, their preferred choice lands on online blackjack Australia because the game doesn't take much time, the rules are easy to follow and is available in all online casinos. The are thousands of online casinos and often it’s a hard to find the best one, so using some research at Blackjackonline21au, could help.


Top 5 golfers who like blackjack

1. Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods himself said in interviews that he often enjoys blackjack games online even at home. There are even cases where he was lucky and was able to leave the casino with a win of over $1 million. We all know that gambling can be addictive, but Woods is not one of them, and he easily manages it and controls himself even during losses. While most gamblers recognize gambling as a vice, Woods considers it a fun part of his life.

2. Phil Mickelson
There is not a single golf fan who does not know this man. However, not everyone who knows Phil Mickelson as a professional athlete is familiar with the fact that he is also an avid blackjack player. There is even a legend that spends a lot of money on blackjack online Australia.
The best part is that it was after this story that he was noticed all over the world and even recognized as one of the most fascinating sportsmen in the world!

3. John Daly
The third golfer on the list who loves to play blackjack. In addition, John even made it a tradition to visit the casino every Saturday. In his interviews, he confidently states that he could even replace work with a game in a casino.

4. Dustin Johnson
The fact that Dustin Johnson is a fan of online blackjack and other games, in general, is not a secret to anyone, and he doesn't hide it. In addition, during various golf competitions, as an added incentive, he sometimes bets on himself. Through these tactics, Dustin has had considerable success and has made a fair amount of money. As for online blackjack Australia, Dustin has won well, the most in 2020.

5. Rory Mcllroy
According to the Northern Irishman, he has only two passions in life: golf and gambling. And Rory gives preference to playing online blackjack for real money. The fact is that while he plays blackjack, he distracts from the daily grind, Mcllroy argues that everyone is capable of controlling their feelings and he sees nothing dangerous in gambling. For him, it's just a regular hobby.

So as you see, many famous golfers love both real and online blackjack. For some, self-control and luck allow them to stay in the black. Either way, finances permit professional players to enjoy the game without getting hung up on losses!