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Golf seems to lend itself to video games more than just about any other sport out there, but the variety in quality is absolutely immense from games we just play for fun with little or no skill element involved – all the way through to the more sophisticated computer simulated golf that really can have an impact on our game.

You can even play virtual casino golf these days. Take the “Argyle Open Video Slot” available at various casinos such as 32Red, 888, Grosvenor and others. This is just one of the many sports-themed online casino games at and other gaming companies – but the graphics have to be seen to be believed. The game takes you (virtually of course…) into the clubhouse and on the green; allowing you to pick out your favourite golfer and follow him around the course. Now no-one is suggesting this is anything other than fun – but fun it is and you can play it for free on demo mode only on your mobile if you’re just killing a little time. Physical casinos have suffered a decline because of online casinos according to the Express & Star, and that’s no big surprise as they have games that appeal to all kinds of players these days.

But how about the more serious games aimed at developing our skills as well as having a little fun? Probably the best game ever is the “Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004”. This is still considered by many virtual golfers to be the Daddy of them all. This wasn’t developer EA Sports’ first golf game – but it was the first to feature digital analogue swing control in its more perfect version. The developers also added in John Daly and Gary McCord – and brought in a real-time events calendar as well as a lot more equipment choices licensed from real manufacturers such as Titleist golf balls and Ping putters.

Later versions of the game were more challenging, but there’s just something about the original that hasn’t ever been surpassed. What’s more – this really does help players improve their real game – particularly in terms of speeding one’s swing.

Another great in the annals of virtual golf history is undoubtedly the Links 2003 game. Created by Microsoft Game Studios, this was the last golf game of its kind developed for the PC and it remains a classic. Recent edits to the game and the Arnold Palmer Course Designer have kept Links 2003 fresh and its control system and matchless matchmaking system make it an all-time great.

Third, we have to mention the pub-goers’ favourite golf game of all time - Golden Tee. This was first introduced way back in 1989 by Incredible Technologies. It’s the good old-fashioned coin-operated arcade game that introduced most of us to virtual golf in the first place but it’s still going strong with many updated versions all the way through to the latest 2013 version. Golden Tee’s latest edition has graphics as good as any on the market but it’s the game’s ease of use that still makes it a classic. This one probably doesn’t help your real game -0 but it’s still fun to play and you can still enjoy it while holding a big drink!