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Is Vaping Allowed on Golf Courses?

The game of golf is played on open-air courses rather than indoors like some sports, such as racquetball. As quite a few of today's golfers vape, the question of whether it's acceptable to vape on the course has been raised. For years now, many courses have allowed people to smoke while they're out on the fairway. In fact, some clubs even sell cigars to their adult patrons. Other clubs, however, prohibit smoking and others still have designated smoking areas, although clubs with such rules are likely in the minority.

As the rules can differ from one course to the next, it's always wise to consult the management of a given course to verify whether or not vaping is allowed. For the most part, however, courses do not take issue with smoking or vaping on the course. In some circles, smoking cigars go hand in hand with golf, although that may be a diminishing occurrence.

Just because it's allowed does not mean you should

You might find that the course you often play does allow for the use of vapes on the green. Despite the lack of any rule prohibiting vaping on the course, you should still take into consideration those around you because not everyone is thrilled by the prospect of being in the company of someone who is actively vaping while they're out trying to enjoy a game of golf.


So even if a course does not explicitly prohibit the use of vaping devices, users should be considerate of those around them and how they might find the air they breathe polluted by vapour to be less than agreeable. If nothing else, the considerate thing to do might be to refrain from vaping when others are close by. Consider the proximity of others to your vapour before you go blowing clouds of butterscotch flavoured vape juice into the air.

Is it okay to vape inside a clubhouse?

Depending on which course you're at, the rules can and sometimes do differ when it comes to where you can and where you cannot use an e-cigarette. There are also local and federal laws to consider. In addition to laws regulating the use of such devices, there are also clubhouse rules to consider. If you're not sure, ask the staff.

While the rules on the greens are somewhat lax and often allow for smoking and vaping, the rules are often much more strict when it comes to vaping and smoking inside.

Castle Hill Country Club, located in New South Wales, strictly prohibits smoking in the clubhouse. At Castle Hill, there are designated smoking areas with corresponding signage indicating to guests and members where they are allowed to smoke. In what is perhaps most cases, smoking areas double as vaping areas.

What about the PGA Tour?

There is no policy that expressly prohibits spectators from vaping on the grounds at PGA tournaments. Of course, spectators should consider etiquette before they decide to puff on their vape. If you are surrounded by other spectators, which may include children, then you can likely expect to hear complaints from others if you start vaping even if there is no policy that prohibits you from doing so. As noted earlier, always be mindful of those around you and exhibit consideration in choosing when and where to vape.

Where should you vape while you're on the golf course?

If the course allows it and there are no laws prohibiting it, the best place to vape on the greens is away from others. One of the nice parts about golf is the wide-open spaces where the game takes place. Thanks to these open areas, vapers are likely to be able to walk away from other people and find a nice spot away from anyone else where they can enjoy their vapour.

Sanctuary Cove Golf and Country Club, located in Queensland, has on-course designated smoking areas. The same is true for a number of golf courses across the country and around the world. When in doubt, you should ask an employee where it is permissible to vape.

Brisbane Golf Club has developed a smoking management plan that prohibits smoking in indoor areas and outdoor eating and drinking areas. There are, however, a number of designated outdoor smoking areas where vaping is likely permitted. Again, it's always best to ask the club whether it's okay to vape and if so where you should go to do it.