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Tiger Woods became the most dominant golfer in modern memory. With more than 80 PGA Tour wins, 15 major championships and scores of other records and achievements - such as winning the Mark H. McCormack Award for the most weeks as World's No. 1 every year since inception (1998) for many years, we have been unable to keep up with his accomplishments.

Tiger Woods insists he's not 'buried and done'
More recently Tiger has become infamous for having several affairs with other women when he was married to his wife. They're now divorced. 
Tiger Woods is speaking out saying he's still great. But the former number one world champion of golf is speaking out now, because people are criticizing him for not having won a major golf tournament since the year 2008. People are saying that he is buried and done. He once aspired to break Jack Nicklaus’s golf record, but many of the best golf experts in the world are saying that this is now impossible judging from his recent record. 
So the question is: is Tiger Woods buried and finished once and for all? Well, he is still a very great player, and in fact, we wouldn’t shy away from trying his luck in online gaming, for example. But there are some things that point to him being finished with the game of golf or at least being finished with being the star of golf and winning all types of awards. 
And Tiger Woods himself certainly has not given up saying that he is still young and he is still looking to break the record of Jack Nicklaus. His 20-19 Masters win proved he's not a spent force.
He insists that he is still playing with some of the best golfers in the world, and he also tells most of the news outlets that he loves to play golf, so he will continue for as long as he can. 
To figure out whether Tiger Woods will really go by the wayside of this famous sport, it is important to note that he does have a lot of experience, and he is healing from the recent back surgery he had last year. That back surgery certainly set him back a lot, So he is doing a lot better recently. You need a good and strong back to be a great golfer. 
To stay abreast of how Tiger Woods is performing, therefore, please click here to view his profile on the PGA Tour web site.