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Games to play other than golf

While golf may be your first love, there are plenty of other games out there that can rile up your competitive spirit and sharpen up your gamesmanship. So, while you may spend a great deal of your time out on the links, this blog post will give you a few different ideas of sports and games that you may want to give a go to. Who knows, you may have even found your next great passion in life?

Mini or crazy golf

If you don’t want to drift too far away from the original golf format, you could always engage in a game of mini or crazy golf. While all of the basics of putting are there, plenty of obstacles are thrown in the way that can end up frustrating even the keenest of golfers. Plus, there are so many courses that you can try out and each one offers its own individual theme and some potentially fiendish challenges to overcome.

Casino games

While these may not be an outdoor pursuit, there are plenty of the best casino games Australia that you could give a go. These can either be played in a physical casino environment itself or online, which also provides its own sophisticated experience. Whether you enjoy a turn or two on the roulette wheels or a few hands of poker, there is bound to be something there for you.

Foot golf

Returning to the theme of golf all over again, if you would like a sport that you can enjoy on the links while bringing in some soccer, this is a fantastic option. Essentially, you play exactly the same way as you would golf, but you are kicking a soccer ball instead. The scoring system is the same in terms of the number of strokes or kicks that you take, but it can provide you with a new physical challenge that works out a different part of the body.


If you are looking for something new entirely, there is the game of pickleball that has taken big parts of the US by storm and is fast transferring around the world as well. While it is a game that has been around since way back in the 1960s, its popularity has suddenly taken off over the past months. Essentially, it operates as a combination between ping pong and tennis, but it can result in a highly accessible sport packed with plenty of spills and thrills. There is something about the game that means it can be picked up by people who are not traditionally involved in racket sports.

While golf may still take up a great deal of your time and energy, these are all fantastic sports that you can look to throw into the mix as well. Essentially, all of them have the potential and the possibility of engaging you both physically and mentally. You may even find that there is some crossover potential in terms of how they can bring about numerous benefits to your golf game when you return to the course again.