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Getting fitted for the right driver

Jul 1, 2014

Getting Fitted For The Right Driver

With Earl McGlinn
Callaway Golf Club Fitting Professional
PGA Golf Professional

As a golf fan in Australia you've likely been out to one of the Aussie Summer of Golf events, or even the Presidents Cup a few years ago, and had the pleasure of standing on the back of the range when a Tour Professional like Phil Mickelson, Henrik Stenson or our own Stuart Appleby rips out his driver and starts piping a few over the 300-meter sign. What a sight, right? Beautiful ball flight, straight as an arrow, long and high. You think to yourself: "I have to get me a ball flight like that!" Well, you can. You may not fly the 300-meter mark, but you can certainly unlock your complete driving potential. 

So where do you start? Today's marketplace offers so many available driver head, loft, shaft, flex and adjustability options that the choices can be overwhelming. Then there's your choice between multi-material or all-titanium construction. The options are endless. During a Callaway driver fitting session we follow a simple recipe to help you find the optimum driver for your swing.

Once we identify what you're looking for - additional length, improved accuracy, more carry, more run, a different shot shape or a combination of things - we'll next identify where you are with your current driver. We'll start the process by having you use your current driver, so that we get a performance benchmark. By looking at your swing characteristics, we can narrow down possible drivers that will be most suitable for you, and eventually find the correct set-up. We'll narrow down a combination of shaft type, flex, loft, head type and adjustability to arrive at and then fine-tune the ultimate driver for your game.

Our current Callaway driver range offers something for everyone, but it's not a case of club golfers not being suited to play the same drivers that Callaway tour professionals use around the world. That's where the science of our club fitting session comes in. The same drivers are also being used to win club championships the world over. It's all just a matter of finding that right driver recipe to suite your game. Maybe the lightweight nature and all-out ball speed of the all titanium X2 Hot Driver is what you're after. 

Alternatively, maybe you're looking for the Big Bertha Alpha Driver, where adjustability has no limits with 192 combinations in one head, something which is slightly more tricky to dial in straight off the rack. 

No matter what your level of golf, it's vital that if you're willing to invest the money in your game you should also do your best to invest a little time (at no extra cost) and speak to your local On Course Golf Professionals about booking in for a Callaway driver fitting to unlock your driving potential. You're likely to be surprised at the difference it will make in your game off the tee. And maybe it will be you that people will be watching on the range.


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