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Golf’s back in Melbourne at last!

Sep 29, 2021

Golf starved players in Melbourne can hit the fairways again at long last! There are a number of restrictions including play in groups of two and you must reside within 15km of the course.
Golf Services Management (GSM Golf) manages five Metropolitan Melbourne facilities – Bay Views in Rosebud, Growling Frog in Yan Yean, Morack in Vermont South, Ranfurlie in Cranbourne and St Andrews Beach in Fingal on the Mornington Peninsula.
They report that at all their courses food and beverages is available for takeaway only, and golf shops remain closed. Contract tracing registration is compulsory for all visitations, payment via pay wave is preferred where possible, competitions remain unavailable, masks are required indoors and outdoors at all times and social distancing in required.
Details on equipment hire and golf carts is still unclear, so it’s best to ask when booking a round. And booking a round is advised! After weeks of closure, Melbournians are flocking to courses despite predicted rain and inclement weather, however we don’t think they’ll be too many die hard golfers will be complaining.|
We ask all golfers to support your local course and do the right thing so we never have to experience a lock out of golf again! Remember the courses don't make the rules, the government does, so treat all workers and respect their requests at all times.

IMAGE: St Andrews Beach, back open for business

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We are pleased that the state government has acknowledged our sport is safe and socially-distanced by nature, however there remains a number of restrictions which will impact the way you'll experience your next round at most GSM venues, which are different to previously.

  • Governing body requirements are changing on a regular basis. As of Wednesday, September 29, in metropolitan Melbourne the following applies:
  • Play must be in groups of two;
  • Players must reside within 15km of the course - it is the responsibility of the player to monitor this restriction;
  • Masks must be worn at all times unless there is a medical reason not to do so. This includes while playing golf;
  • Toilets are currently closed - urgently waiting an appeal on this decision;
  • Practice green and short game areas are open;
  • Commercial Driving Ranges - awaiting further clarification on reopening;
  • Motorised carts can be used by one person only, or by two people if they reside in the same household;
  • Hire and shared equipment is permitted;
  • No club competitions are being conducted - social golf only;
  • Many courses have removed bunker rakes and playing preferred lies in bunkers;
  • Flagsticks whilst regularly cleaned are recommended to be left in;
  • Clubhouses are not permitted to open and food and beverage service are limited to take-away or pre-ordered goods;
  • Golf shops are not permitted for general shopping with registration for golf occurring near the entrance to the golf shop;
  • Golf items required for purchase are to be provided by the staff in a 'click-and-collect' capacity;
  • Signing in - all staff, members and visitors must check in using the QR service. Where a person doesn’t have a smart phone to check in, staff will assist;
  • Group coaching can take place
  • With two people (for participants who have received one or no vaccine doses), or
  • With up to five people (if all participants are fully vaccinated).
  • The coach is excluded from these numbers, but must be fully vaccinated to conduct a session with more than two participants.
  • The conditions of play impacting golf will remain fluid. We will keep you updated as further restrictions ease and play slowly returns to 'normal' once again!

Check you course website for details and restrictions