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Golf’s back in Victoria - YES!

May 12, 2020

While we are waiting for an official update from Golf Australia, Victorian Premier Dan the Man signalled a return to golf by lifting the state of emergency measures that have been in place for well over a month.
Many courses have been working hard to maintain their tees, fairways and greens, so for those golfers lucky enough to hit the fairways over the next few weeks, they’re sure to be rewarded with pristine playing surfaces.
ausgolf has already heard that Eagle Ridge will be open for play on Wednesday morning, May 12th with a $49 golf, cart and pie special.
GSM, a company that runs a number of tracks around the state, has also announced that four of its facilities will be open for play Wednesday morning - Ranfurlie, Bay Views, Growling Frog and St Andrews Beach. They also run the council owned Morack and they are yet to commit to an opening time.
We’ll aim to keep you up to date with any special offers, deals and more as golf finally returns to Victoria. And of course it goes without saying, strict measures will be in place including social distancing, safe hygiene practices and more. So we urge anyone planning a round to do the right thing and remain diligent - adhering to all rules relating to the COVID-19 virus, because we don’t want to go back to the future anytime soon.
Good golfing!