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Huntingdale GC and Cranbourne CC continue partnership

Jun 23, 2022

In an historic night on Wednesday 8th June, Huntingdale Golf Club and Cranbourne Country chose to proceed into the next phase of their partnership. At the meeting, the Huntingdale Golf Club members, by an overwhelming majority, voted in favour to proceed with the Club’s new OCM Master Plan.
The delivery of the Master Plan and the partnership with the Cranbourne Country Club will ensure the future sustainability of the Huntingdale Golf Club. The innovative and modern OCM design, depicting classic Sandbelt characteristics, will re-establish Huntingdale in the upper echelon of the Melbourne Sandbelt.
Huntingdale Golf Club, together with Cranbourne Country Club, will continue to work on this historic agreement whereby Huntingdale Golf Club will accept Cranbourne members over a period of time, in exchange for an injection of capital to fund the Master Plan’s golf course works.

For the record, the key elements of the partnership include:
• Cranbourne Country Club agrees to pay $10m to Huntingdale Golf Club subject to Huntingdale golf course works milestones;
• Huntingdale Golf Club will admit an initial tranche of new qualifying members, nominated by Cranbourne Country Club, on completion of the Huntingdale golf course works;
• Huntingdale Golf Club members will have access to play at the Cranbourne golf course during the renovation of the Huntingdale golf course;
• The Cranbourne Country Club member introduction to Huntingdale Golf Club will be a phased and controlled process.

Next Steps:

The affirmative vote by the Members enables Huntingdale Golf Club and Cranbourne Country Club to progress to the following next steps and priorities:

• Finalise the financing of the Master Plan, which will be documented through a long-form agreement with the Cranbourne Country Club.
• Work closely with OCM to develop detailed designs.
• Engage additional contractors to support the development of detailed designs.
• Commence golf course construction works November 2023

Huntingdale Golf Club Captain Greg Smith said:-

“On behalf of the Club, I thank all of our Members for engaging with us through this process. We have a passionate membership who want the best for the club. The extensive two-way communication program over the past 6-12 months has been of critical importance to improve and refine our planning. This project is without a doubt the most significant decision the club has made in 30 years. The redevelopment of the golf course by OCM is in the best long-term interests of the Club. We thank all of our members and the Cranbourne Country Club for their support and share the collective enthusiasm for returning Huntingdale to the status that once made the club a ‘must play/must join’ option of Sandbelt golf.
“As we have stated previously, the partnership with Cranbourne Country Club will assist the funding of Huntingdale’s golf course capital requirements, provide an alternative course (Cranbourne) during the reconstruction works and furthermore provide a strong pipeline of new members. The new pipeline of members provides sustainable cash flows into the future without impacting existing member’s access to and enjoyment of the course and its facilities,”

Cranbourne Country Club President Mark Wollan said:

“We are excited to move into the next phase of this important project. Our partnership with Huntingdale Golf Club, which recognises Cranbourne’s golfing history and community significance, is of great value to us and has been positively received by our membership.”