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What's more difficult - to break 80 or get down to a single-digit handicap?

Sep 10, 2018

Playing golf can be fun and some say maybe it's a bit hard for beginners, but when a golfer breaks 80 or gets down to a single digit handicap, it is a milestone. If you can bet on it and predict the golf odds at Betway, for instance, you can win real big.

Recently, there was a heated debate on social media about which is a bigger deal: breaking 80 or getting down a single-digit handicap. This attracted a lot of viewpoints from different people, and they are discussed as below.

  1. Breaking 80 in golf.

A lot of golfers aspire to achieve breaking 80 because it means that they are getting closer to scoring 70's. It also says that you can withstand the pressure, and now you can hang out with an exclusive company. Having to balance the excitement and the patience while playing is important; it can get overwhelming. Breaking 80 requires little to no error at all. Remember that just one or two bad holes can jeopardize the whole effort.

How to break a golf score 80?

Breaking a golf score 80 is quite easy for any goal-oriented golfer. It can be done if certain things are adhered to, they include:

  • Avoid getting pressured to make a perfect score for the entire world. It is advisable to break the rounds into three mini rounds of six shots each. For a six-hole block, you can get 26 shots which will bring you under 80.
  • Govern yourself at the par fives. These are the five holes that you need to play in to give you a chance to break in the 70s.
  • Learn to control your emotions even if you shoot a hole off target.
  • Hit the fairways on the par fours and fives will give you a chance to hit the green in regulation.

The first time may be hard, but once you get used to it, you will realise how comfortable it is. Practise makes perfect; It is a sure way of making one a great player.

Become a single digit handicap id the bigger deal.

  • Practice 40%of your time on putting.
  • 30% practice on the driving
  • Training 30% of your time on chipping, bunker shots and iron shots.

So which one do you think makes an impression, a player who has shot a breaking or a single digit handicap?