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Ballfinder SCOUT

Find that golf ball you thought you’d lost.

The Ballfinder Scout™, endorsed by Nick Faldo, Britain's best golfer of all time and the 2008 Ryder Cup Captain, is a hand-held digital imager specifically designed to locate hard-to-find golf balls at distances of up to 50 feet.

An innovative electronic device that can quickly locate hard-to-find golf balls, Ballfinder Scout™ was developed by Sarnof Lab's world-famous scientists who also play golf. It works with any standard white golf ball and locates that lost ball within seconds at 35 feet when as few as only 3 dimples are visible. For less than the cost of loosing one Titleist ProV a week for 9 months.

Inside the Ballfinder Scout™ is a video-like camera. It can search up to 600 square feet in one second or almost 1/7 of an acre in 10 seconds! Each of 3.2 million pixels is scanned in nanoseconds and analysed pixel by pixel using proprietary GLS -golf ball locating system technology - to look for the unique colour signature found on any standard white golf ball. WITH AS LITTLE AS 1% - OR ABOUT THREE DIMPLES – visible, Ballfinder Scout™ can find the ball and guide you to it.

We can’t promise you that Ballfinder Scout™ will find every ball. It won’t help if your ball is in water or if it is totally covered. But if 1% of the ball is visible (3 dimples), Ballfinder Scout™ will find it even though your naked eye can’t.

How easy is it to use the Ballfinder Scout™
Its as simple as point and shoot. Just aim the Ballfinder Scout™ at the general area where you think the ball might be, press the button and slowly scan the area.. As the Ballfinder Scout™ locates the ball brackets appear on the screen. Follow the vibration, walk toward the area and pick up your ball. Simple as that.

When you buy Ballfinder Scout™ not only do you get - amazing technology that is light as a mobile phone, has a super-fast 3.2 mega-pixel imager that locates balls with a range of up to 35-feet when only 1% of the ball is showing and with full endorsement from golf legend Nick Faldo ... You also get:

    * Instructional Video
    * Batteries
    * Belt/Bag clip
    * Nick Faldo's Recovery Shot instructional DVD -
      showing you what to do with your ball once you find it!
      and 2 FREE Celebrity Instructional Video programs.
    * Bonus Leatherette draw string Pouch (While supplies last)
    * 1 year Manufacturer's Warranty
    * 30 days Money Back Guarantee

This package worth $275.00

Introductory Offer $249.00 plus $12.50 P&H

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