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Footjoy All Wheel Drive (AWD) Golf Shoes

This article is taken from the Hacker Golf Quarterly Magazine

For some time now, Footjoy golf shoes have been the market leader in terms of reputation and usage on the pro circuit. In the golf shoe world they are number one, the Rolls Royce of the fairway. Unfortunately I’ve never had the pleasure of sinking my feet into a pair - that is until now!

From the moment I slid on the leather shoes I knew they would be comfortable. They come with an extra wide fitting to suit the Australian market. They’re extremely lightweight and what a pleasure to wear!

There was no sign of a blister after the first round and I think this is testament not only to a good fitting (thanks International Brands) but also to a really good shoe.

The sole has "claw style" soft spikes and an array of rubber nipples and permanent spikes which make for a sure grip. My first round in them was on quite a damp morning – not only did the feet stay dry but also the tread kept my number 10’s firmly planted on the ground.

I tested a white and black saddle over the predominantly black pair. I knew that the white front would dirty quickly, and after three rounds they already look worn. However during summer the white front does repel the heat. It’s been hot so my choice was vindicated, however it is worth some thought when investing in a new pair.

Some may think the $190 price tag is pretty expensive, but I don’t. I think foot comfort in any sport is paramount and considering a decent pair should serve you for at least for a couple of years and roughly eighty rounds of golf (a Hacker estimate and guess only), the shoes set you back roughly $0.52 an hour or $2 and a bit a round. Now do you think comfort and style should be compromised?

These Footjoy AWD shoes are an absolute pleasure to wear, and come highly recommended by Hacker. We have trailed them extensively and really we can’t find a bad word to write about them. The result, another five star Hacker rating!

Shoe pictured is the Footjoy Classic

Price: RRP around $190. You can contact International Brands on 1300 72 70 68 for more information and for your local stockist.

For: Extremely comfortable, very light on the foot, great looks, reasonably priced, and one of the best golf shoes I have ever tried!

Against: Limited colour selection and the price for the budget shopper.

Pieces: Two – one shoe for each foot

How it rates: * * * * *

5 El Supremo 4 Pretty damn good
3 On the ball 2 Okay 1 Crap

All the Details

1 Engine
Soft, lightweight, full grain leather upper for great comfort and breathability.

2 Steering
One shoe for each foot

3 Suspension
Duramax outsole - provides excellent cushioning, increased flexibility and durability

4 Brakes
Rubber sole with seven individual soft spikes on each shoe

5 How heavy?
330 grams (approx)

Niblick, Nike, Adidas, Proline range. Makes and models range in price from $100-$300

Notes - Shoes feature an interchangeable heel plug with two levels of cushioning - firm (blue) and soft (green). Limited one-year waterproof warranty. Available in two great colours – white with black/burgundy saddle or black with black/olive saddle.

This article is taken from the Hacker Golf Quarterly Magazine