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Links Putt

As golfers we are always looking to improve and constantly seeking the ultimate practice aide. While the quest to find something to help with our development can, at times, seem a futile search, on occasion a product comes along to restore faith in your ability to improve as a golfer. The latest, LinksPutt, comes all the way from Scotland and may be close to the perfect practice implement for the millions of golfers worldwide who struggle on the greens.

One of the most revolutionary products to hit the golf improvement market for many years, LinksPutt takes the indoor putting mat to the next level by allowing golfers to customise the practice experience and hit straight or breaking putts whilst standing on a realistically angled putting stance board.

While hitting straight putt after straight putt along a synthetic surface may be an effective way to develop a repetitive putting stroke, good players have feel and an ability to read and make breaking putts. Unlike conventional putting mats and indoor greens, which fail to reproduce the contours found on a real green, LinksPutt is the perfect putting tool because it can be used for straight putts, but with a simple adjustment can test golfers on left, right and double breaking putts and can also be adjusted to recreate realistic uphill, downhill, valley and swale contours. The contours are created by inserting a series of stackable plastic risers at various points along the putting green. What’s best about this product is that you can see the break, and with the stance board equipped with its own risers you can also feel the contours while standing over a putt. This truly is the most realistic indoor putting aide imaginable.

The quality of the mat itself is first class with the smooth surface running at approximately 9.5 on the Stimp Meter when flat. The end piece is fitted with dual holes that can hold up to five balls, the twin targets allowing the system to work equally well for left and right hander’s, and for left and right breaking putts. The mat comes in 3, 4 or 5 metre lengths but the portable stance board means you can also practice shorter putts. With such flexibility available on such a pure surface there is no wonder leading professionals like Colin Montgomerie are using LinksPutt in the comfort of their homes to improve their stroke and hole more putts.

Right to Left Horizontal.  Click for video. Created using Computer Aided Design tools, the product’s components are designed for the optimum strength to weight ratio, utilising the latest in moulding and extruding technology. It takes less than ten minutes to fully assemble, the components simply pushing together, meaning that without any screws, bolts or locking mechanisms, the contour changes can be effected in a matter of seconds. According to the company there are thousands of possible putting permutations to trial, meaning you can use the LinksPutt to try a number of different contours or simply hone that problem putt over and over again.Valley. Click to open video.

While standard roll-up putting maps have served a purpose, thanks to LinksPutt they have become redundant and anyone seriously looking to improve their putting should consider this revolutionary new aide. To start practicing breaking putts from the comfort of your home, contact LinksPutt and order your system today. You will be putting better in no time.

Colin Montgomerie  As used by Colin Montgomerie (Left)

 To find out more visit the LinksPutt web site at

LinksPutt is endorsed by Geoff Mangum – American putting Guru, and world renowned "Putting Doctor" Harold Swash, who's client list has included Padraig Harrington, Darren Clarke, Ian Woosnam and Nick Faldo to name a few. With over 40 years in the golf industry, Harold has also patented his own innovative putters - the C-Groove putter was used by Retief Goosen to win the US Open and Tour Championship.

"LinksPutt your way to perfection!" - Harold Swash
Harold recognised the practice and coaching potential of LinksPuttby officially endorsing the product. "If you can hole all of your 6-8 footers, 3 putts will be no more - you will then look upon your next putt with a positive feeling. You will develop that feeling when you practice on LinksPutt. Keep changing the contours to create that continuous challenge" - Harold Swash

by ausgolf's Darius Oliver