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Re-Gripping Kit

When was the last time you re-gripped your clubs? Regular players should fit new grips at least once a year or every 6 months if you play a couple of times a week. 
However it can cost around $20 to grip just one club at the local Pro Shop - so to do a full set the price can climb into the hundreds!

Well, now you can fit new grips easily and quickly in the comfort of your own shed with the Brampton complete Grip Kit. Included in the kit is;

A Vice Clamp
14 Tape Strips
Grip Tape Activator
Instructions on how to use the kit and fit your new grips

All you'll need is a vice and a knife to cut off the old grips and you can have a new set of grips fitted in 30 minutes. Check out the video below to see how easy it is.

* Note - does not include the actual'll need to buy them. eMotion Golf has a great range of grips starting at only $8.90 per grip - including favourites such as Lamkin and Golf Pride. Click here for details

eMotion Golf also feature a great video on how easy it is to Re-Grip your clubs. Click here to watch it.