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Australian Open Championship

The 2008 Australian Open returned to the Royal Sydney Golf Club, with Tim Clark defeating Matthew Goggin in an exciting sudden death playoff to become the third South African to win our National title. In 2009, again in Sydney and this time the famed New South Wales GC course, it was Adam Scott who captured his maiden Australian title, by overcoming Stuart Appleby in the final round. The following year it was Scott's good friend Geoff Ogilvy triumphing over a quality field at the newly redesigned The Lakes Golf Club in the city's south. Then in 2011, with one of the strongest fields ever assembled in Australia, gritty West Australian Greg Chalmers took out his second National title, also at The Lakes.

Stay tuned to ausgolf for more information on the 2012 Australian Open, also to be played in Sydney.

Previous winners of the Australian Open Championships.

Year Winner Score Venue
1904 Hon. M Scott (a) (Vic) 315 The Australian GC
1905 D G Soutar (NSW) 337 Royal Melbourne GC
1906 C Clark (NSW) 322 Royal Sydney GC
1907 Hon. M Scott (a) (Vic) 318 Royal Melbourne GC
1908 C Pearce (a) (Tas) 311 The Australian GC
1909 C Felstead (a) (Vic) 316 Royal Melbourne GC
1910 C Clark (NSW) 306 Royal Adelaide GC
1911 C Clark (NSW) 321 Royal Sydney GC
1912 I H Whitton (a) (Vic) 321 Royal Melbourne GC
1913 I H Whitton (a) (Vic) 302 Royal Melbourne GC
1920 J H Kirkwood (NSW) 290 The Australian GC
1921 A Le Fevre (Vic) 295 Royal Melbourne GC
1922 C Campbell (NSW) 307 Royal Sydney GC
1923 T E Howard (NSW) 301 Royal Adelaide GC
1924 A Russell (a) (Vic) 303 Royal Melbourne GC
1925 F Popplewell (NSW) 299 The Australian GC
1926 I H Whitton (a) (Vic) 297 Royal Adelaide GC
1927 R Stewart (SA) 297 Royal Melbourne GC
1928 F Popplewell (NSW) 295 Royal Sydney GC
1929 I H Whitton (a) (Vic) 309 Royal Adelaide GC
1930 F P Eyre (NSW) 306 Metropolitan GC
1931 I H Whitton (a) (Vic) 301 The Australian GC
1932 M J Ryan (a) (Vic) 296 Royal Adelaide GC
1933 M L Kelly (NSW) 302 Royal Melbourne GC
1934 W J Bolger (NSW) 283 Royal Sydney GC
1935 F W McMahon (SA) 293 Royal Adelaide GC
1936 G Sarazen (USA) 282 Metropolitan GC
1937 G W Naismith (Vic) 299 The Australian GC
1938 J B Ferrier (a) (NSW) 283 Royal Adelaide GC
1939 J B Ferrier (a) (NSW) 285 Royal Melbourne GC
1946 H H A Pickworth (NSW) 289 Royal Sydney GC
1947 H H A Pickworth (NSW) 285 Royal Queensland GC
1948 H H A Pickworth (NSW)
After 18-Hole Play-Off
289 Kingston Heath GC
1949 E J Cremin (NSW) 287 The Australian GC
1950 N G Von Nida (Qld) 286 Kooyonga GC
1951 P W Thomson (Vic) 283 Metropolitan GC
1952 N G Von Nida (Qld) 278 Lake Karrinyup CC
1953 N G Von Nida (Qld) 278 Royal Melbourne GC
1954 H H A Pickworth (NSW) 280 Kooyonga GC
1955 A D Locke (SAf) 290 Gailes GC
1956 B S Crampton (NSW) 289 Royal Sydney GC
1957 F Phillips (NSW) 287 Kingston Heath GC
1958 G J Player (SAf) 271 Kooyonga GC
1959 K D G Nagle (NSW) 284 The Australian GC
1960 B W Devlin (a) (NSW) 282 Lake Karrinyup CC
1961 F Phillips (NSW) 275 Victoria GC
1962 G J Player (SAf) 281 Royal Adelaide GC
1963 G J Player (SAf) 278 Royal Melbourne GC
1964 J W Nicklaus (USA)
After 18-Hole Play-Off
287 The Lakes GC
1965 G J Player (SAf) 264 Kooyonga GC
1966 A D Palmer (USA) 276 Royal Queensland GC
1967 P W Thomson (Vic) 281 Commonwealth GC
1968 J W Nicklaus (USA) 270 Lake Karrinyup CC
1969 G J Player (SAf) 288 Royal Sydney GC
1970 G J Player (SAf) 280 Kingston Heath GC
1971 J W Nicklaus (USA) 269 Royal Hobart GC
1972 P W Thomson (Vic)
After 18-Hole Play-Off
281 Kooyonga GC
1973 J C Snead (USA) 280 Royal Queensland GC
1974 G J Player (SAf) 277 Lake Karrinyup CC
1975 J W Nicklaus (USA) 279 The Australian GC
1976 J W Nicklaus (USA) 286 The Australian GC
1977 A D Graham (NSW) 284 The Australian GC
1978 J W Nicklaus (USA) 284 The Australian GC
1979 J Newton (NSW) 288 Metropolitan GC
1980 G J Norman (Qld) 284 The Lakes GC
1981 W C Rogers (USA) 282 Victoria GC
1982 R A Shearer (Vic) 287 The Australian GC
1983 P R Fowler (NSW) 285 Kingston Heath GC
1984 T S Watson (USA) 281 Royal Melbourne GC
1985 G J Norman (Qld) 212 Royal Melbourne GC
1986 R M Davis (NSW) 278 Metropolitan GC
1987 G J Norman (Qld) 273 Royal Melbourne GC
1988 M J Calcavecchia (USA) 269 Royal Sydney GC
1989 P A C Senior (Qld) 271 Kingston Heath GC
1990 J P Morse (USA)
After 18-Hole Play-Off
283 The Australian GC
1991 W G Riley (NSW) 285 Royal Melbourne GC
1992 S J Elkington (NSW) 280 The Lakes GC
1993 B J Faxon (USA) 275 Metropolitan GC
1994 R M Allenby (Vic) 280 Royal Sydney GC
1995 G J Norman (Qld) 278 Kingston Heath GC
1996 G J Norman (Qld) 280 The Australian GC
1997 L J Westwood (Eng)
After 18-Hole Play-Off
274 Metropolitan GC
1998 G J Chalmers (WA) 288 Royal Adelaide GC
1999 A J Baddeley (a) (Vic) 274 Royal Sydney GC
2000 A J Baddeley (Vic) 278 Kingston Heath GC
2001 S. Appleby (VIC) 271 The Grand GC
2002 S. Allan (VIC) 198 Victoria GC
2003 P. Lonard (NSW) 279 Moonah Links
2004 P. Lonard (NSW) 279 The Australian GC
2005 R M Allenby (Vic) 284 Moonah Links
2006 J. Senden (Qld) 280 Royal Sydney GC
2007 C. Parry (NSW) 277 The Australian GC
2008 T. Clark (SAf) 279 Royal Sydney GC
2009 A. Scott (Qld) 273 New South Wales GC
2010 G. Ogilvy (Vic) 269 The Lakes GC
2011 G J Chalmers (WA) 275 The Lakes GC